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Free historical reconstruction of the story of WA Mozart and Josefína Dušková from November 3, 1787 about how the famous aria "Bella mia fiamma, addio!" Originated in Bertramka. The unusual performance will include famous arias from the operas Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro and compositions by old Czech masters - Mozart's companions.



David Schneider

Petr Simak

Jiří Heřman


Vratislav Kříž

Pavel Horáček

Zdeněk Harvánek

Pavel Klečka

Zdeněk Musil


Jaroslav Kunst

Milan Školník

Václav Bláha

Lubomír Šťastný


Renée Nachtigall

Ivana Šaková

Jana Barbara Hein


Jiří Šimáček

Martin Kos

Dagmar Krejčí

Jaroslav Kořán

Alexander Belek

Jaroslav Simacek

Jaromír Šrěpán

Karel Šedivý

Marek Vávra


Renée Nachtigall


prof. Karel Hron

prof. Jaroslav Kolář

prof. Karel Prokop


Ivana Mrázková

Šárka Šilhánová

Blanka Kamarýtová

Diana Krucká


Antonín Skalický


The excellent singer, Mrs. Josefína Dušková, remembers - after the death of her husband, the Composer František Xaver Dušek - the unforgettable moments spent here at Bertramka, in the company of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was here that he completed the overture to Don Giovanni, Masetta's aria, Zastaveníčko. Just like on November 3, 1787, we listen to music together and drink champagne together today…


Josef Mysliveček - Trio for two violins and bass

Let's relive that November evening: Josefína reads Mozart's celebratory criticism of the premiere of Don Giovanni, recalls the nervous atmosphere of rehearsals and uses the moment when Dušek takes a nap to show how Wolfgang taught Zerlina to "really be afraid". He immediately notices a music notebook on Dušek's knees and resorts to a little trick…


Leopold Koželuh - Italian arietta - IV. snippet

When Mozart hears the arias of his biggest juice at the Viennese court, Koželuha, he gets angry. So cool music for a singer with such heat? And so he promises Josefina that he will arrange an aria for her, but not for free. The lady of the house responds ambiguously to Wolfgang's allusions: "May I offer you". hezkou…. sweet…. aria by Mozart ?! "


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Marriage of Figaro, Aria of Cherub from the 2nd Act - Voi che sapete


Jan Křtitel Jiří Neruda - Trio in G major for viola d'amore, violin and bass


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni - Stop


the plaintiffs are incensed that in his presence Josefina is courted by someone else, and what's more, by the singing of his Stopper. However, he soon finds out that he is wrong. Only the singer Maestro Croce comes to introduce himself to Mozart, because he too would like to get the role of Don Giovanni.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Marriage of Figaro, Aria of Figaro from the 1st Act - Non piú andrai

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni - aria Giovanni from the 1st meeting - Fin ch'han dal vino

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni - duet Zerliny a Giovanniho - La ci darem la mano


Mozart leaves to talk to Croc about Don Giovanni and Josefina calls her husband and musicians to play Dušek's Trio for piano and strings


František Xaver Dušek - Trio in D major for piano and strings

Mrs. Dušková does not hide her admiration for her husband as a musician, but now confides in him that she is disturbed by Mozart, who rushes back to Vienna to seek the position of court bandmaster after Gluck and perform Don Giovanni at the Vienna Opera. Everyone is convinced that nothing good can be expected from the Viennese conspirators. Mozart jumps into their speech - yes, he wants to show Vienna his true qualities. "The problem is that the decisive Viennese people know him all too well," says Josefina, asking her husband to make a cup of coffee for Wolfgang in the kitchen.


When he is alone with Mozart, he resorts to a new trick to finally acquire his aria. She knows that Wolfgang has already prepared a text (it is the aria of Titan from Nicoll Jomelli's opera - Cerere placata), she manages to convince him to go to the salon, locks the door behind him and does not allow him to leave until he writes the song. While the surprised Mozart composes an aria in the salon, Mrs. Dušková finds the mentioned libretto and searches for Titan's singing… The form of their relationship, Mozart's departure… Is it just a coincidence?


He composed the aria very quickly, but the singer will not get it unless she sings it from a sheet without a single mistake. Josefína sings:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Bella mia fiamma, addio! - large dramatic scene and arias.

It was really very difficult to sing from the sheet all the pitfalls of the song that Mozart set for her. But saying goodbye was even harder…

But let's not be sad today. Mozart's music can be heard everywhere and it always brings such a wonderful atmosphere…

Feel as good here, friends, as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did then.

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