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The Original Musical Theater Prague was founded in 1991 and boasts originality in several ways: It presents its own chamber music performances in historical salons and the whole concept of plays, inspired by the stories of famous composers in Prague, is distinctive and non-traditional.

Thanks to outstanding artists, soloists of the National Theater, the Prague State Opera and leading concert artists, musicians, and dancers in narrative historical costumes, with whom the spectator is in direct contact, the ancient splendor of Prague's music salons comes to life. The perfect illusion of the 18th and 19th centuries is further enhanced by a selection of the composer's most beautiful melodies, often supplemented by new discoveries from old archives, and there is also a welcome toast.


The comprehensibility of the performance for all nationalities is documented not only by thousands of satisfied spectators - visitors to Prague, but also by the number of enthusiastic audiences in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and the metropolises of Scandinavia, where the ensemble has successfully guested.

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