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Since its establishment in 1991, the Theatre may pride on its originality expressing in several ways: it performs its own chamber music performances in the historical salons and the whole concept of the plays inspired by the life stories of famous musicians in Prague is very unusual and untraditional. Thanks to the great artists, the soloists of the National Theatre, the State Opera Prague, and the leading concert artists, musicians and dancers wearing exquisite historical costumes, with whom the spectator is in a direct contact, the old-fashioned atmosphere of Prague salons has revived again. The perfect illusion of 18th and 19th centuries is furthermore enhanced by the selection of the most beautiful compositions often complemented by new discoveries from ancient archives. You will not miss a welcoming toast either.

The performance intelligibility for all nations has not been documented just by thousands of satisfied spectators amongst the visitors of Prague, but also by great and enthusiastic audience in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and the greatest cities of Scandinavia, where the company performed as guests in both small and great halls.

A brief sight at the history of the main Original Music Theatre’s Prague projects will also bring an evidence of its success: A Night with Mozart – premiere in 1991 within the scope of the “Year of Mozart”, Magic Dvořák – premiere in 1991 under the auspices of UNESCO, If Strauss, than Johann – premiere in 1992, Kounic Palace, The King of Operetta at Žofín – Žofín 1994, Prague Operetta Gala Night – Kaiserštejn Palace 1995, Don Giovanni 1787 – Bertramka 1997, Don Giovanni and Wonderful Dvořák in the Czech pavilion at the EXPO 2000 (Hannover). As far as the programs of a little different character are concerned, let us remind at least the premiere of a symphonic composition “Thalia” by Otmar Mácha in the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle, Mozart Festivals and so on.

2005 started to perform the Czech operas in Nature Theatre Šárka in Prague every first weekend in September. Each of this shows is attended by thousands of spectators.

Shortly, we kindly invite all who lust for an unusual experience in Golden Prague. The Original Music Theatre Prague may guarantee high artistic quality and great entertainment.


Originální hudební divadlo Praha

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