A Night with Mozart II

A spectator becomes the guest of a musical party of the period organized by Mrs. Duskova in the authentic environment of Sala Terena at Prague Bertramka. While listening to the most beautiful arias from Don Giovanni, we meet Mozart's wife Constanzia together with the outstanding soloists of Guardasoni's opera company which performed the premiere of this great opera (Nostic Theatre, October 29th, 1787).

The deep impression from Mozart's music, splendid costumes of the period and picturesque atmosphere of Villa Bertramka are emphasized by an original chamber arrangement for string quartet by Mozart's friend Jan Krtitel Kuchar - a notable Czech composer, organist and the main repetiteur during the rehearsals of Don Giovanni in Prague in 1787. The auditorium will certainly appreciate the presentation of "Iop ti lascio, o cara, addio" aria, Mozart designated to Prague citizens and especially Mrs. Duskova shortly before his death in 1791. This time again the auditorium will be invited to visit the Museum of W. A. Mozart, to toast with a glass of sparkling wine and will receive a small surprise.

The performance is featured in German or in Czech, arias in the Italian original. Multilingual programs are available, the program is about 100 minutes long with interlude.

Place of performance

Villa Bertramka - Summer residence of Mr. and Mrs. Dusek - the singer Josefina and the composer Frantisek Xaver - from the 17th century with a romantic garden - a place where W. A. Mozart was staying and composing while visiting Prague. Nowadays Bertramka is a memorial to W. A. Mozart with precious exhibits, the center of cultural events and a target of thousand of visitors of Prague from all over the world.


It is 1796. At the Duseks' home, the Villa Bertramka, there is another musical soire. The occasion is the visit of Madame Constanze, the widow of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Guardassoni Opera Company's singers (the interpreters of the Giovani in 1787) are arriving on - stage with Josephine Dusek and Constanze Mozart to play Don Giovanni. Madame Dusek cannot resist humming the composition with which Mozart said goodbye to her and to Prague shortly before his death "Io ti lascio o cara, addio!".

And even now, years after Mozart's death, Constanze is still so jealous she cannot stand listening to her... But finally the two ladies decide to cooperate in selecting their roles in the opera Don Giovanni - Anna, Elvira - but who'll sing Zerlina ? "We'll fight it out for her role !". And so it begins, this performance of a story that tells of the punishment of a rake and reveller, in an arrangement by Jan Krtitel Kuchar.

Act one

Don Giovanni, reveller, adventurer and seducer, is looking for a new victim - and it is Donna Anna. Her father the Commendatore rushes to her aid, but a tragedy occurs. Giovanni kills him in a duel.

Giovanni's servant Leporello has such problems with his master ! After the incident with the Commentarore a new complication arises - Donna Elvira turns up, she is a former mistress of Don Giovanni's. Leoporello tries to explain that his master does not deserve her love: that in fact he has thousands of mistresses!

At a village wedding another pretty girl attracts Don Giovanni - Zerlina, the bride. Had Elvira and Anna not arrived on the scene in time with their friend Ottavio, Giovanni would surely have seduced Zerlina too.

And here comes Elvira again, to warn them all of treacherous Giovanni. He, however, pretends she is bereft of her senses and leads her away. But Anna has recognized her father's murderer and decides to avenge him.

Anna ovsem poznala vraha sveho otce a chce jej pomstit.

In the meantime Giovanni, utterly remorseless, holds a ball.

Act two

Giovanni takes a liking to donna Elvira's pretty maid and so he changes clothes with his servant Leporello and sends the latter after lovelorn Elvira, who thinks that the incorrigible take has reformed at last.

In the meantime Giovanni is singing his serenade to Elvira's maid.

Zerlina finds her bridegroom moaning with pain. Giovanni, in disguise, had beaten him up with his own stick. But Zerlina knows what to do - love is the miraculous medicine that cures all.

This time Madame Constanze has won the fight for Zerlina, but what about Masetto ? M. Ponziani has had to stand in for him before, so he can do it again.

Donna Anna's fianc, don Ottavio, is finally convinced that Don Giovanni is guilty and he consoles donna Anna, promising to avenge her.

Leporello and Giovanni happened to meet at the cemetery by the memorial with the statue of the murdered Commendatore. With offensive ridicule, Giovanni invites the statue to his house for dinner ...

Anna comes to her father's grave with flowers. Ottavio tries to console the girl in her grief.

The dinner to which Giovanni had so provocatively invited the Commendatore is just beginning. The chateau band is playing and pretty young maids are serving the meal. For the last time does Elvira arrive to warn Giovanni, but in vain. The Commendatore really does appear: Even at this late hour Giovanni does not regret his misdeeds and the punishment he deserves is here : Giovanni crashes down into Hell...


  • Luigi Bassi - Don Giovanni
    Pavel Horacek, Pavel Klecka
  • Felice Ponziani - Leoporello, Masseto
    Zdenek Musil, Pavel Klecka
  • Antonio Baglioni - Don Ottavio
    Ales Briscein, Jaromir Novotny
  • Constanze Mozartova - Donna Anna, Zerlina
    Ivana Sakova, Iveta Zizlavska
  • Josefina Duskova - Donna Elvira, Zerlina
    Renee Nachtigalova, Jana Barbara Hein
    Libuse Vondrackova
  • Commendatore
    Jiri Kalendovsky
  • Arco Collegium
    Jiri Simacek, Martin Kos, Ales Ballek, Martin Stepan, Tomas Kamaryt, Dagmar Krejci, Karel Sedivy
  • Majordomus
    Antonin Skalicky
  • Ladie's maid
    Sarka Silhanova, Ivana Mrazkova
  • Production
    Michaela Zoulova
  • Dramaturgy and script
    Renee Nachtigallova
  • Director
    Josef Laufer


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