A Night with Mozart

Free historical reconstruction of the story of W. A. Mozart and Josefina Duskova from November 3th, 1787 describing how the famous concert aria "Bella mia fiamma addio!" came into being at Bertramka. This unusual performance presents besides others also famous arias from the operas Don Giovanni, Figaro's Marriage and the compositions of the ancient Czech masters - Mozart's contemporaries. The spectator becomes a guest of a rococo company from 200 years ago, is enchanted by the charm and authenticity of the environment which offers even a chance to visit W. A. Mozart Museum and is offered a welcoming toast with sparkling wine.

The performance is featured in German or in Czech, arias in the Italian original. Multilingual programs are available, the program is 80 minutes long without interlude.

Place of performance

Villa Bertramka - Summer residence of Mr. and Mrs. Dusek - the singer Josefina and the composer Frantisek Xaver - from the 17th century with a romantic garden - a place where W. A. Mozart was staying and composing while visiting Prague. Nowadays Bertramka is a memorial to W. A. Mozart with precious exhibits, the center of cultural events and a target of thousand of visitors of Prague from all over the world.


Lady Josephine Duskova, excellent concert - singer, comes after the death of her husband, the composer Frantisek Xaver Dusek, to remember how Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent with them here, in Bertramka, twelve years ago the unforgettable moments of his life. It is here where he wrote the part of the overture to Giovanni, Masseto's aria, Calling in. It is here where he trembled with anxiety how everything will turn out and here he also enjoyed the success with his first four performances of the opera for Prague - Don Giovanni. Even today the music is played as at that time on November 3th 1787, even today champagne is being served...

Josef Myslivecek - Trio in D major for two violins and double bass

Even we will transfer ourselves at the November evening: Josephine reads to Mozart the excellent criticism to the premiere of Don Giovanni, reminds him about the nervous atmosphere of rehearsals - on dormant Dusek she shows, how Mozart taught Zerlina " to get really frightened ". Then she noticed the music which lays on the Dusek's lap and a maneuver is born in her mind.

Leopold Kozeluh - Italian Small Airs - IV. preview

Mozart is agitated by the fact that Josephine just is singing aria of his greatest rival at the court of Vienna - Kozeluh. Such cold music for the singer with such a glow ? He promises also an aria to Josephine, but not gratis. On the Mozart's ambiguous allusions responds the landlady as well ambiguously: " I can offer you beautiful... sweet... aria of Mozart!"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Figaro wedding - Aria of Cherub - from the second act - Voi, che sapete

Jan Krtitel Jiri Neruda - Trio in G major for viola d'amore, violin and doublebas

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni - Calling in

The composer is agitated that somebody is courting Josephine in his presence and what more with his Calling in. But he is set right. The singer Croce goes on to introduce himself to him as another understudy for the role of Don Giovanni.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Figaro wedding - aria of Figaro from the first act - Non piu andrai

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni - aria of Giovanni from the first act - Fin ch'han dal vino

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni - duet of Zerlina and Giovanni - La ci darem la mano

Mozart leaves for a talk with Croce about Don Giovanni and Josephine challenges her husband and musicians to try the Dusek's trio for piano and string instruments.

Frantisek Xaver Dusek - Trio in D major for piano and string instruments

Lady Duskova does not hide her admiration for her husband as for musician, but at the time she unburdens to him her concern about Mozart, who is in a hurry to Vienna in order to obtain position of court conductor and to introduce Don Giovanni in local opera. But all know, that he can not expect anything good among the Vienna intrigues. Mozart enters into their conversation - yes, he wants to show in Vienna who he really is. " The problem lies in it, that the decisive persons know it very well " counters lady Josephine and asks her husband to order coffee for Mozart in the kitchen. She learns that Wolfgang already has the text ready (it is the song of Titan from the opera Niccolo Jomelli - Cerere placata) she lures him under the pretext into the drawing room, where she locks him up and does not let him out sooner, till he writes the promised composition. While double crossed Mozart composes it in the next room, lady Duskova looks for the mentioned libretto and finds out the song of Titan be moaning the hero, who is condemned to death and says farewell to his beloved Proserpina .... Is the similarity between their relation and the fate of Mozart purely accidental ? The aria is finished suprisingly quickly. But the female interpreter will only obtain it provided she sings it without any mistake from the sheet. So Josephine, a little bit afraid sings it:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Bella mia fiamma, addio! - great dramatic scene and aria

It was really very difficult for her to sing from the sheet all musical snares prepared by Wolfgang, but much more difficult was their farewell...

But today we shall not be sad - everywhere here sounds the music of Mozart and with it we shall feel always well ....., in brief, dear friends, feel here as well as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the time.


  • W. A. Mozart
    David Schneider, Petr Simak, Jiri Herman
  • Josefina Duskova
    Renee Nachtigallova, Ivana Sakova, Jana Barbara Hein
  • F. X. Dusek
    prof. Karel Hron, prof. Jaroslav Kolar, prof. Karel Prokop
  • Maestro Croce
    Vratislav Kriz, Pavel Horacek, Zdenek Harvanek, Pavel Klecka, Zdenek Musil
  • Arco Collegium
    Jiri Simacek, Martin Kos, Dagmar Krejci, Jaroslav Koran, Alexander Belek, Jaroslav Simacek, Jaromir Srepan, Karel Sedivy, Marek Vavra
  • Consierge of house
    Antonin Skalicky
  • Footman
    Jaroslav Kunst, Milan Skolnik, Vaclav Blaha, Lubomir Stastny
  • Servant - maid
    Ivana Mrazkova, Sarka Silhanova, Blanka Kamarytova, Diana Krucka
  • Script
    Renee Nachtigallova
  • Director
    Josef Laufer


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