A night with Mozart

Free historical reconstruction of the story of W. A. Mozart and Josefína Dušková from November 3th, 1787 describing how the famous concert aria "Bella mia fiamma addio!" came into being at Bertramka. This unusual performance presents besides others also famous arias from the operas Don Giovanni, Figaro's Marriage and the compositions of the ancient Czech masters - Mozart's contemporaries. The spectator becomes a guest of a rococo company from 200 years ago, is enchanted by the charm and authenticity of the environment which offers even a chance to visit W. A. Mozart Museum and is offered a welcoming toast with sparkling wine.

The performance is featured in German or in Czech, arias in the Italian original. Multilingual programs are available, the program is 80 minutes long without interlude.

A night with Mozart II

A spectator becomes the guest of a musical party of the period organized by Mrs. Dušková in the authentic environment of Sala Terena at Prague Bertramka. While listening to the most beautiful arias from Don Giovanni, we meet Mozart's wife Constanzia together with the outstanding soloists of Guardasoni's opera company which performed the premiere of this great opera (Nostic Theatre, October 29th, 1787).

The deep impression from Mozart's music, splendid costumes of the period and picturesque atmosphere of Villa Bertramka are emphasized by an original chamber arrangement for string quartet by Mozart's friend Jan Křtitel Kuchař - a notable Czech composer, organist and the main répétiteur during the rehearsals of Don Giovanni in Prague in 1787. The auditorium will certainly appreciate the presentation of "Iop ti lascio, o cara, addio" aria, Mozart designated to Prague citizens and especially Mrs. Dušková shortly before his death in 1791. This time again the auditorium will be invited to visit the Museum of W. A. Mozart, to toast with a glass of sparkling wine and will receive a small surprise.

The performance is featured in German or in Czech, arias in the Italian original. Multilingual programs are available, the program is about 100 minutes long with interlude.

Wonderful Dvorak

A charming musical and dramatic scenery from the environment of the historical salon of the Prague bohemian representatives from the last century with the most beautiful Dvořák's arias and melodies interpreted by leading opera soloists as well as violin virtuosos. Rusalka, The Jacobin, Moravian Duets, Biblical Songs, Mazurek and many other unforgettable compositions take the spectator to the times where Dvořák, than at the zenith of his creativeness, stood in the front-rank of both Czech and American music cultural life. The impressiveness of the performance is emphasized not only by the immediate contact of the performers with the spectators and closeness to the exposed Dvořák's relics like e.g. musical instruments, scores, letters, etc., but also by the splendid baroque interior and acoustics of Villa America. This time again the guests are invited to visit the Museum and to toast with a glass of Becherovka.

The performance is featured in English or in Czech, arias in the original. Multilingual programs are available, the program is about 80 minutes long without interlude.

Emmy Destinn and Enrico Caruso

Tribute to the artistic legacy of the "Godly duo" - selection of the world famous arias and duets with the unique approach which a Czech singer looks into the backstage of Metropolitan Opera in New York A welcoming toast of Becherovka - visit of A. Dvořák Museum - programs in several languages - performance 70 minutes without interlude.

Operetta Gala of Prague

Music story taking place during the visit of Johann Strauss in Prague in 1852 glancing to the composer's future. The performance presents besides the arias from the operettas by Johann Strauss also the music by F. Lehár, K. Millöcker, J. Offenbach, O. Nedbal, and others.