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SCHNEIDER David - herec

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David Schneider was born in 1958 in Karlovy Vary. In the age of 8 he took part in series for children called Dedecek, Kylian a ja (My Grandpa, Kylian and me). Since than he continued working for Czech Television, theatres and films. He finished his studies at Prague's Conservatoire in1980.

His first long-term engagement was in the Zapadoceske divadlo in Cheb where he played Chlestakov (N.V. Gogol - Revizor), Lucius (Jan Drda - Hratky s certem), Lelio - Moliere - Ztrestenec) ets. After finishing civil service he started acting at the Theatre of Jiri Wolker. He stayed there till the end of this ensemble. He is well known as well for his cooperation with film companies from all over the world, also for being excellent at dubbing and on the air.

Since 1991 he has been performing at Prague's Bertramka in a performance a Night with Mozart where he plays a part of W.A.Mozart. At 1999 he started cooperating with the Skelet Theatre.