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prof. HRON Karel

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Graduated at State conservatoire and Academy of performing arts in Prague. His educators were: prof. B. Janacek, M. Kampelsheimer and J. Reinberger. Just as a student of Academy played K. Hron on his individual concerts with very good returns by reviews. He recorded a lot of organ music - from historical to contemporary - in Czech radio.

Karel Hron is performing not only as a soloist, but also in cooperation with prestigious Czech and foreign artists and ensembles. So his art could have been admiring by public in France, Austria, Spain or Germany.

Musical festivals: Prague Spring, Carinthia Festival in Ossiach, Handel Festival in Halle, "Semana Santa" Festival in Madrid, Bruckner Festival in Linz...

The rewiews identically highlights prof. Hron's sense of song colour, purity of style, movement order and temperament of performance.

His repertoire contains the top works of baroque masters, romantic or contemporary compositions and his concerts are typical with the inventive programs.

As far as recording, he has been cooperating with the companies Charlin - Paris, Schwann - Dusseldorf and Panton - Prague.

Beside all of concert activity is prof. Karel Hron active as a professor on Prague Conservatoire and as an organist of Charles University in Prague.