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Pavel Horacek was born in 1955 in Opava. It was just impossible to oversee his talent at the Music Conservatoire. He has inherited so much from his father who is a personality in the world of music - appearance, voice, aptitude for acting. During his studies he was almost "collecting" prizes. First place in Karlovy Vary in 1975, first place in the competition of Czech and Slovak music conservatoires in 1977, 3rd place in international singing competition in Geneva, another 3rd place in international singing competition in Munchen in 1980 - when already engaged to the National Theatre in Prague, at the age of 23 - two years after his graduation. He also studied abroad - professor Giorgia Favareta in Siena and professor Ettor Campogalliani in Salzburg.

We can find in his repertoire many pieces by B. Smetana, Figaro and Don Giovanni by W.A.Mozart, Mefisto by Gounod and many others. There were uncountable opportunities to see his talent all around the world.